Curly Magician



Curly Magician

Timothy Woodbridge


Providing unique entertainment to make your event memorable


Boredom can kill your event

People have all kinds of entertainment at their fingertips and their attention spans have decreased, so without something to keep them interested they become bored very quickly

The right entertainment will fit in with your event seamlessly, banish boredom and give your guests an unexpected experience and have them talking about your event for years to come.

Magic has come a long way from pulling rabbits out of hats and cringe worthy kids magicians.

With the rise of Derren Brown, Shin Lim, David Blaine and Dynamo people’s interest in magic is rising but few people have actually experienced it in person.

A magician mixes and mingles among your guests bringing the entertainment to them and allowing them to experience it in their own hands.

Timothy’s magic is fast, fun and visual.

A up and comer in the magic world Timothy is one of the most charming and entertaining magicians in the UK. After being one of the few magicians selected to perform at the world renown ‘House of Illusion’ in Spain, he now performs all over the UK.

From being the resident magician at a high end cocktail bar, to performing alongside some of the UK’s best magicians at the Hilton Hotel his make will make sure your event is remembered for years to come.

All I can say is AMAZING!
If you are looking for that special person to entertain, look no further than Tim, we would have him back anytime!
— Dave Munn - Weddin reception
“Tim is not only a magically dressed man, but he is also a natural born entertainer that never fails to wow our guests with his unique and unseen close up illusions that leave you wanting to pull a hare out! ”





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